Mar 20, 2015

Grim Façade 6: Hidden Sins (FINAL) 368.87 MB

Grim Façade 6: Hidden Sins (FINAL) 368.87 MB. Can you put a stop to masked avenger, starting fires and kidnapping nobility all over Coldstone in Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins PC Game?

Isaak Merel, the mayor of Coldstone invited you there to investigate kidnapping of his wife Lisbeth Merel. Kidnapper left a blackmail list on her bed. There were written who’s who list for this town, but Mayor’s wife from this list already kidnapped and Tom Stark – already killed. Mayor is afraid that others will become victims as well. He has a reason to be afraid – his name is also in the list. There’s a curfew in effect in town, avenger is setting fires all over the city, trying to start mayhem. Can you stop him and save Mayor’s wife? Find out, why this masked man committing such terrible crimes!

Download Grim Facade: Hidden Sins PC Game, set the things right in the Coldstone in this dramatic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Great collection of Voodoo dolls!
  • Bonus chapter
  • An available Strategy Guide!
  • Huge set of achievements


Title Post: Grim Façade 6: Hidden Sins (FINAL) 368.87 MB
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