May 19, 2015

Shadow Wolf Mysteries 5: Tracks of Terror (FINAL) 357.54 MB

Shadow Wolf Mysteries 5: Tracks of Terror (FINAL) 357.54 MB. Visit city of Gevaudan and remove ancient curse over De Lupe family in Shadow Wolf Mysteries 5: Tracks of Terror PC Game!

Being in France on May 6th, 1881 you received a message from Count De Lupe with pledge for help. He was afraid for his life and for lives of everyone in the city, if he will die. He wrote something about family curse and his worries about life of his son too. When you arrived to Jundown you found out that count gone missing for three days and streets are besieged by the packs of werewolves! Only silver bullets can stop them, but there are too many! Looks like that count’s son Pierre De Lupe is their next target. From Pierre you found out that each member of De Lupe family is cursed. When he or she dies, he’s turning into the ghost werewolf that can live forever. So there are tons of Pierre’s ancestors running in the nearby woods. And looks like someone in the city trying to kill all members of De Lupe family for some reason. But why?

Download Shadow Wolf Mysteries Part V found out, how the curse can be removed, and save Pierre De Lupe in this dynamic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure! Use your powers to restore human shape of the werewolves and your deduction skills to uncover cause of their death – it’s the only way to free their souls!

  • Get the detailed Strategy Guide!
  • Restore memories about your family’s past!
  • Gather all achievements in your cozy room!
  • Play the bonus chapter – more werewolves are waiting!


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