Nov 11, 2015

Danse Macabre 5: Lethal Letters (FINAL) 237.33 MB

 Danse Macabre 5: Lethal Letters (FINAL) 237.33 MB. Murder was committed in St. Petersburg by the ballet dancer and while Russian police can only arrest political suspects, Dr. Hawthorn, specialist from London, was invited to investigate this case in Danse Macabre 5: Lethal Letters PC Game from Eipix Entertainment!

This murder was the third during last month, and you witnessed it – third victim Count Antonov invited you as well-known psychologist and expert in hypnotherapy from Haynes Institute to help in investigation. During your meeting in the theater he was killed by his own fiancee, Irina, ballet dancer. She shot him right from the stage. Order to kill was given to Irina via post-hypnotic suggestion – when she saw certain letter onto bouquet she drag a gun from it and shot the Count without realizing it. Now you have to catch and hypnotize her to find out who ordered her to kill Count Antonov! He must be behind other murders as well in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure. Find out who’s sending lethal letters!
Eipix tried to popularize Russia by showing its beauty and hiding dirt but in circumstances of constant Russian aggression all over the world it’s impossible.

  • Face new mystery in the bonus chapter!
  • Concept art and wallpapers will please you much!
  • Play Match-3 games instead of Hidden Objects if you want!
  • Use the comprehensive Strategy Guide!


Title Post: Danse Macabre 5: Lethal Letters (FINAL) 237.33 MB
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